Thursday, 19 June 2014

Goon Swim Diapers (IJP008/IJP009)

❅ Goon Swim Diapers ❅

Is it your little one enjoy to swim and you are having trouble on getting swim diapers in Malaysia? :) We love to bring our little ones for swimming, but anyway, it is not easy to get good quality swim diapers here. Anyway, we do bring in few packet of Goon Swim Diapers for our lovely followers~

Size: L

Weight: 9-14 kg
Height: 70-90 cm
3pcs per pack

  • Do not swell like normal diapers or pullup pants
  • Make of high quality soft, elastic and durable material
  • Unique pocket design to minimize possibility of leakage
  • Can be wear by itself or under swimming costume
  • Made in Japan
IJP008 Goon Swim Diapers L size, Boy

IJP009 Good Swim Diapers L size, Girl

以上两款是爱宝贝顺手带入的游泳纸尿片,为什么说是顺手呢?其实这个要买给爱宝贝自家的宝贝的~所以就顺手带入L size给大家。当然这个尺寸不是人人皆可用,下次我们尝试带入更多~

L Size

适用体重: 9-14 kg
适用身高: 70-90 cm

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