Thursday, 26 June 2014

DIY Puzzle ♥ 自制拼图

This is our first DIY toy post, hopefully we able to share more in future. Refer to previous Puzzle Post, Puzzle is simple toy which with various function.

What is the very first puzzle for your little one? Maybe for most of the little ones, this is the one or something similar with it:

This is the basic shape sorter which most family will have at least one, and our little one need to fit the shape into the correct space and this is applying the concept of puzzle as well.

After they are doing well with this, maybe we can slowly introduce puzzle which in different patterns/design. If, you really don't wish to spend too much to invest on this, we can do the simple one by using recycle material!


material & tools :

♪ a simple picture which you can take from any packaging material
♪ penknife , scissor
♪ glue or double sided tape
♪ cardboard which you can take from recycle cartoon box

材料/工具 :

steps :

Roughly cut out the shape follow the outline

Applying glue or double sided tape on the back of your selected picture

Paste it on the recycle cardboard

Trim the extra material follow the outline

Yeah! I'm doing this together with my lady and she enjoyed the DIY session!

This gonna be an introduction puzzle for my girl, so i just cut into half only and you may decide the complexity of the puzzle according to your baby age range. Done~

Hello Kitty is the first puzzle that we made together. The picture was on thin cardboard, so i just roughly cut out and cut into two portions. But anyway, my advice is better add on another hard type cardboard behind as method above, If not it will be too thin for baby to grasp it.

Last picture is from Tokyo Banana! :)

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