Thursday, 21 August 2014

DIY Matching Card [Red Theme] ♥ 自制配对卡[认识红色]

This is what we prepared for one of the session under Red Week~ Simple and easy as usual, as we will provide the printable material to you!


material & tools :

♪ picture of items in red 
♪ penknife , scissor
♪ glue or double sided tape
♪ cardboard which you can take from recycle cartoon box

材料/工具 :

steps :
Print out the picture.     将图案打印出
Paste it on the recycle cardboard.     将图案贴在硬纸皮上
Cut out into individual card.     将图案分割成为独立卡片
Done.     完成

Below are our DIY pairing cards , 以下就是我们的自制配对卡

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Happy Montessori at Home!

How to play with it:
1. Show it to your toddlers one by one, and asking, "What is this?" , this is to exposure them with more items in red. 将图片逐个给孩子看,并让他们告诉你那是什么。
2. Pairing Games, let them to put same items together. 配对游戏,让他们自行将同样物品配对。
3. Or, as below :  或者,如下:

Or, make it as Memory Games~

The rules are the same as a typical matching or memory game. Children take turns turning over two cards at a time until they find a match. They then get to keep those cards.

This is another easy DIY games which most of the children will like it, hope your toddlers will enjoy the games!

Happy trying on Montessori @ Home!


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