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Montessori at Home (3) : Red Week Part One ♥ 在家蒙特梭利 (3) : 认识红色(一)

Well, after having few trials on Montessori at home with Chen(still "hutang" few activities which we done before, will update later), mummy really feel that we should keep continue! Coz she do enjoy a lot! Whenever she heard mummy said, come, let's have a game! Then, Chen will started to mumble on " Games! Games! I wanna play games! " And this, encouraged mummy to go on, and try to create more fun time together with her. And this going to be our lifetime memorial.

Ok, let's come back to our topic of the week : RED! Yes, mummy would like to try "home school" for Chen, and starting with 1 activity per day. Since Chen is just around 2 years old, so the most important thing is still having fun, so i just try to introduce something to her in mini games method.


Day 1:

ღ Red Ice Cube ღ 红色冰块

Preparation / 准备工作 : 

Material / 材料用具 :
Ice cube in different shape and use food coloring to make it red 红色冰块[可以用可食用色素来染色]

What we explored today/ 我们今天探索了什么 :
Sensory Play 五感活动
Hot & Cold 冷、热
Ice melting in hot water 冰块溶于热水
Shape 形状
Red 红色

Suitable for baby around 18M or above.

Can't wait to start her exploration.

We have rectangle, heart shape and apple shape RED ice cube today.

Mum, my hand turned red!

Mixed around with all her tools.

Mummy prepare some hot water(well, warm water actually) for hot & cold exploration.

Add in peg for Chen to try, but anymore she still not able to handle this well.

Let your baby to explore by their own, mummy only do minor explanation to lead them. I'm preparing her meal beside her during her playtime.

Always remember the rule : Mastery is not the goal, FUN is! – from Carisa, blogger of 1+1+1=1

ღ Inserting Chenille Stem ღ 置入手工绒毛软干

Preparation / 准备工作 : 

Material / 材料用具 :
Red Chenille Stem 红色手工绒毛软干
Any basket/plasticware which with many holes on it 任何有很多小孔的篮子

What we explored today/ 我们今天探索了什么 :
Fine motor skills 
Red 还是红色

Simple/Minor Preparation
Playing Hard!

Day 2:

ღ The Apple is Red ღ 红色的苹果

Preparation / 准备工作 : 

Material / 材料用具 :
Printed Material with Apple 印有苹果的教材纸张

Color Paper(Red, of course) 红色彩色纸[任何你喜欢的材质]
Glue 浆糊

What we explored today/ 我们今天探索了什么 :

Fine motor skills 精细动作技能 
Red 还是红色
tearing paper 撕纸张
gluing 运用浆糊

♪ tearing paper does help on the developing of the muscles in toddler's hands and fingers.

she just can't wait to use the glue

try to tear the paper, but anyway, she is not able to tear it, mummy have to assist on this.

happy trying~

she just can't wait to use the glue

very busy to play with the glue

ღ Water Pouring ღ 倒水练习

Introduction :
The purpose and aim of Practical Life is to help the child gain control in the coordination of his movement, and help the child to gain independence and adapt to his society. It is therefore important to “Teach teaching, not correcting” (Montessori) in order to allow the child to be a fully functional member in his own society. Practical Life Exercises also aid the growth and development of the child’s intellect and concentration and will in turn also help the child develop an orderly way of thinking.
From : http://www.infomontessori.com/practical-life/introduction.htm

「生活教育」是蒙特梭利環境裡,最早介紹給孩子的工作,它包括基本動作、生活禮儀、小肌肉發展訓練、動作的控制、照顧自己、以及照顧環境等等項目,都與我 們的生活息息相關。主要目的在訓練幼兒肢體動作的協調能力,使其適應環境,奠定獨立生活的基礎,並培養孩子的耐心與注意力、手眼協調及互助、愛物的好習性。

Preparation / 准备工作 : 

Material / 材料用具 :
Any Container,Jug,Cup that you have 任何合适的容器

Colored Water (by food coloring) 水(用可食用色素染红)
Funnel (if you have) 漏斗

What we explored today/ 我们今天探索了什么 :

Practical Life Exercises 生活自理能力培养
Hand-Eye Coordination 手眼协调
Red 还是红色

This activity was one of the easiest activities I ever prepared.
Chen was super excited when she saw the "red water" inside the tray, without any instruction/explanation, she started the activity by her own. 

The story behind the scene : mummy let her to pour in the water into the bottle without funnel, then you can see the water on the table and floor also. After this, add in funnel, then without any leakage.

continue reading :

Montessori at Home (4) : Red Week Part Two ♥ 在家蒙特梭利 (4) : 认识红色(二)

Color red theme is inspired by mummy Bear Lim, a famous blogger who always inspired me. :) Thanks Mummy Bear Lim for always sharing with us!

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