Saturday, 2 August 2014

Golden Pumpkin Sauce ♪ 黄金南瓜酱

Every time mummies thinking what of the food can prepare to their kids. I'm also the one of the mummy. So I found a recipe from a mummy friend, she is good in cooking for her kid. Below I will show all the mummies how to cook for easy and faster for kid's food. Because sometime I facing that my kid keep make noise during I'm cooking time. So this is the one of recipe can make you save time and nice taste for your kid.

I love to cook this very much when I need bring out my baby to outside or back to home town.
I only do the sauce to mix what I had in my stock. Some time I will mix with soft rice, mee, spaghetti. So up to you what you like to mix it, the taste will make you love it. My baby mostly finished all by this recipe.

After done for the baby food I always put the food into small electric lunch box to keep it warm. So when my kid wake up or hungry I'm not need waste my time to on my gas and reheat again. It very useful for me.

Part A:
Carrot, Pumpkin

Part B:
Fresh Mushroom,
Vegetable ,
Zucchini (yellow, green color),
Slice cheese

Milk, Black Pepper.

Steam pumpkin and carrot until soft. Next put the pumpkin and carrot into Tupperware cutter and make it until mud. If you don't have Tupperware so you can use what of the cutter that your had or use fork also can be done.  

Pour the half of the milk into the pumpkin and mix it well.

 Put some olive oil into pot and onion to fry it as well.

Next put fresh mushroom and vegetable fried together.

Fry until the grade become soft then can put zucchini into pot and fried together as well. 

Fry until the smell come out, so can be pour pumpkin milk into pot. Stir it well be done.
Going to finished then you can pour the left of the milk into the pot and mix well.

Off the gas and put the slice cheese and mix it well.

All mix and stir done, then put it into a small bowl.

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