Tuesday, 30 September 2014

BET009 Montessori Educational Wood Identify Category ✿ 蒙特梭利木质形状分类盒

This game is train on brain to identify base on the picture or words. It can train your hands, eyes, brain balancing. Beside that, it able to let your to learn more fruits, vegetables, animals, numbers, clothes, transports and so on, it may let your enjoy learning with this fun games.
这个游戏可以让你训练你的头脑去区分不同的图案和文字。也能训练你的手,眼,头脑的协调。 另外呢,也能够让你学习不同的水果,蔬菜,动物,数字,衣服,交通工具等等。这能让你在玩乐时学习到快乐。

 Total had 8 categories different type of the picture bar. 

 Total had 8 categories different type of the words bar. The words are provided English and Chinese word. 
总共有8套不同的类别文字尺。  文字有包含中英文两种语文。

Total have 80 square size of the answer tokens, it may to let your to draw down into the box by the categories provide. 

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Product Code 产品编号: [BET009]
Product Price :  RM55.00 [Promotion Price with limited unit!]
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