Tuesday, 30 September 2014

BET012 Montessori Educational Wood Sewing Puzzle ✿ 蒙特梭利木质串珠

 Understanding Color and Shape
Child's visual organ development matures after 1 year old,visual acuity will also with the child's age and development to get improvement. Dad and Mum can be choose some of the toys to get improve their visual acuity, help their identify color and shape, it can develop hand-eye coordination toys and games.


Train the child's observation
Observation is mean for the ability of the brain to inspect things, like child will found some new things through by the observation. Child will be able to observation with the shape, color, size to identify it with the different. When observation it become on their life, child's cognitive ability, memory ability, imagine ability, thinking ability skill, all of this it will be accompany forever children growing period.


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Product Code 产品编号: [BET012]
Product Price :  RM50.00 [Promotion Price with limited unit!]
Courier Fee [Pos Laju, 850g] : WM RM8 ; EM RM12

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