Sunday, 14 September 2014

Montessori at Home-year 1 (1) : Home Make Sand ♥ 在家蒙特梭利 一岁 (1) : DIY自制沙

I always thinking on what should I make DIY games for my son. Now my son going to 14months, so I myself decide to let him play with natural game and all the ingredient easy to search and buy from market. This game is suitable for the baby when able to sit on the floor. It will can train their grasping ability, and tactual sensation too.

My first try Montessori game for my son is sand. Home made sand ingredient very easy to make and get it from market. Bellow is the picture that I'm done. 

I'm not dare to write too much from my blog, I most like to display the picture it will more attractive and easy understand work on.

Vegetable Oil (I'm replace as baby oil, it will be more fragrant.)
Sand (optional)

All the ingredient component will be following by Flour, Oil, Sand (8:1:1)

How the texture is look for? Bellow is one of the texture as I'm trying to show. 


He not dare to touch it beginning time. Some more use the finger to touch a little bit of home make sand.

During at middle period he starting to use hand to catch the flour and trying to scoop out the home make sand from bowl. He feel so funny and concentrate on playing time.

At the end, he trying to throw the home make sand from bowl out. 


This picture he try to make like rain. He love to play on this first time game.

This is mummy make for son, I'm trying to let him to spoil it. He so happy when spoil what I did for him. 

I wish can let your kid to enjoy with this game, and wish your kids like to play it. 
Wish have a wonderful day.

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