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Montessori at Home (6) : Blue Week ♥ 在家蒙特梭利 (6) : 认识蓝色

Our progress on tot play at home is delaying recently due to too many outgoing activities and also busy to SICK~ But anyway, tot play still on going just in slower speed only.

And we already completed Blue Week!
Below are the details :

近来由于忙着生病,忙着外出所以Tot Play的进展就有点慢了。无论如何,其实我们已完成了认识蓝色的部分。以下是我们的分享~

ღ Pom Pom Ball Games ღ 夹球乐

Preparation / 准备工作 : 

Material / 材料用具 :
Blue Pom Pom Balls in different sizes 不同大小的蓝色绒毛球
Tweezers 夹子
Recycled Egg Tray 鸡蛋托盒

What we explored today/ 我们今天探索了什么 :
Fine motor skills 精细动作技能
Strengthens the finger muscles 手指肌肉锻炼 
Blue 认识蓝色

Another very simple game as well. Mummy demo for the first time,then let her to start her own games.

She do really enjoy this simple games
I do try to put in the ball one by one and do counting together with her.
Besides, i do also play pom pom ball passing games with her as well. I used another tweezers to clamp the pom pom ball and requested Chen to clamp it with her tweezers~ She like it too!


ღ Play Dough Time ღ 粘土时间

Preparation / 准备工作 : 

Material / 材料用具 :
Blue Pipe Cleaner
Blue Play Dough 蓝色自制粘土 [ click here for play dough recipe ]
Blue Straw 蓝色吸管 (I cut it to become shorter)

What we explored today/ 我们今天探索了什么 :
Fine motor skills 精细动作技能
Strengthens the finger muscles 手指肌肉锻炼 
Blue 认识蓝色
I passed pipe cleaner and straw to Chen first, let her to try insert the pipe cleaner into the straw.
我先将吸水管和pipe cleaner交给晨,让她先练习串珠动作。

After it i passed the blue play dough to her, and is her time again!

ღ Aluminium Foil Wrapping ღ 锡箔纸游戏

Preparation / 准备工作 : 

Material / 材料用具 :
Aluminium Foil 锡箔纸
Small items which is in Blue 各式蓝色小物件
[ i get from Lego set and also Montessori Educational WoodenToys ]

What we explored today/ 我们今天探索了什么 :
Fine motor skills 精细动作技能
Problems Solving Skill 尝试解决问题 [think on how to wrap items in different size and shape]
Blue 认识蓝色

How to play
Just show to your little one on how to wrap the item with aluminium foil and let them try by own~
Very simple material for this game

Well, Well, Well, why don't have my girl photo which she is playing with these? Because... She totally refused to play with it! I demo for few times, and she looks really unhappy (maybe due to sick mood?! i'm not really sure), so i didn't carry on. I just keep those aluminium foils and maybe try after few weeks later.

And this idea is from Mummy Bear Lim~

ღ Stamping Time ღ 印章游戏

Preparation / 准备工作 : 

Material / 材料用具 :
Potato 马铃薯 [mummy can try to hand carved simple design on it 妈妈可尝试雕刻简单图案]
Blue Paint 蓝色颜料
Art Paper 

What we explored today/ 我们今天探索了什么 :
Creative Art 创意培养
Try on stamping 尝试盖印章

This is what i prepared, using a very small size potato.

She is willing to try on stamping as well.

Anyway, painting still her favorite!

ღ  Creative Art ღ 创意时间

Preparation / 准备工作 : 

Material / 材料用具 :
Transparent Cellophane 蓝色透明玻璃纸
Marine Life Sticker 海洋生物贴纸
Art Paper & Color Pencil 画笔,画纸
Child Safety Scissors 儿童安全塑料剪刀 

What we explored today/ 我们今天探索了什么 :
Creative Art 创意培养
Blue 蓝色
Exposure on scissors 剪刀运用
tearing paper 撕纸张
gluing 运用浆糊

Marine Life Stickers

I let her to try cut the cellophane paper, but she still can't do well on this. 

Then, just let her try to tear it with hand~

Mummy let Chen to draw with color pencil while mummy tried to draft out the ocean.

Chen trial on pasting the cellophane paper on the art paper.

Work In progress

Done for the ocean part and mummy let Chen to stick on marine life sticker!

Tada! Another art piece from Mummy and Chen! ^^

ღ  Blue Ocean Sensory Box ღ 蓝色海洋

Preparation / 准备工作 : 

Material / 材料用具 :
Transparent Box 透明盒子
Colorful Stones 彩色小石子
DIY sailboat 自制帆船
Recycled Egg Tray 鸡蛋盒子
Food Coloring:Blue 蓝色色素
Syringe 针筒

What we explored today/ 我们今天探索了什么 :
Sensory Play 五感活动
Observation on how blue food color make the water become blue 观察色素将水染蓝的过程
Color grouping 颜色分类

I let Chen do scooping practice first. Chen scoop the stones from the bowl to the container, and sometimes take the stones from container and put back to the bowl.

Finally all the stones are safe inside the container~ XD
Mummy assist Chen using syringe to take in blue coloring and expel into the container.

As was to be expected, she enjoyed this new trying very much!

Chen still not able to take in the coloring by her own, mostly assisted or done by me. But to expel the coloring to the water is quite easy for her.

Once the "ocean" is ready, then mummy take out DIY sailboat for her.
This Blue Ocean is inspired by Mummy Bear Lim and also Mummy Min Min Sam~ Thank you! :)

Hmmm, our ocean maybe too small?! :p
或许,我们的海洋太小了! :p

DIY Sailboat: Cut out triangle shape from magazine, Straw as stand, Recycled cherry tomato box as base.
自制帆船:用旧杂志剪出三角形,吸水管,平时食用的cherry tomato的盒子

Happy Days Together
这是属于我们的Happy Days

Chen tried to put on some stones on her sailboat.

Before cleaning up, we do color grouping for those small stones. Chen can never focus on similar activities like this, but this round is an exception. She almost completed all.

We spent 1 hour ++ for this activity and Chen really enjoy it! You can try this ocean box with your on hand material (can put in marble, or put in sand, just modify with what you have will do!) , i believe your little one will enjoy as well!

这个游戏晨可以玩上一个小时多哦!不一定要用彩色石头,你可以用沙子,弹珠或任何适合的物品代替。赶快试试吧,因为连妈妈也觉得好好玩哦! :)

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