Monday, 15 September 2014

Montessori at Home-year 1 (1) : Home Make Coloring ♥ 在家蒙特梭利 一岁 (1) : DIY自制彩色

This time I trying to make color for my son to play it. I wish you all can enjoy with it too. 

Firstly, I will using all food ingredient to prepare my home make DIY game for my son. It because my son still young, he keep to use his mouth to biting and eating all the things when his firstly touch. So this time I will use food coloring to make my DIY session. 

Don't worried that your baby make messy your environment, because this material is easy wash event the clothes also can wash easily. He make most messy mean he feel more amazing, and happily. Try let your child play it. 



Vegetable Oil (optional)
Food Color

All the ingredient component will be following by Flour, Water, Oil (2:1:0.5)
Food color is depend on you. Can try 1 drop by 1 drop add in and mix it well. 

My Food coloring

After add in color it become on this. Remember have to little bit (slowly) add in the color and mix it well.

Can make it marble design. Can let child imagined to make by their own. It will let u and child enjoy in amazing time.

He start trying to touch and feel it the texture. A little a little bit take it out from the bottle color. He look like so enjoy with this.

I don't know what happen of me, cause I feel so happy that once I saw him make messy for the environment. He can play so focusing, enjoying, and happily on the game without mum accompany with him. I'm like let my son to play this type of game in further and further. Because can let him play and learn.

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