Friday, 8 May 2015

Shape Matching Busy Bag 形状配对活动包

Material / 材料用具 :

Wooden clothespin (label with shapes) 木夹子(个别标记上不同形状)

Felt in different shape 不同形状的不织布
* i use sticker to do labelling, you may use marker pen to draw the shape also
* 我使用形状贴纸来在木夹上标记,你也可以使用marker pen,那会更加容易
This is what i prepared for my girl during "Shape Activities Week", but she not really like it at the time. Recently she found it inside busy bag storage box, she took it out and started to play by own. Toddlers do change from time to time, keep these items up and one day they will take out by own and enjoy playing it~
这是我在之前认识形状主题周时所准备的,那时候,晨并不太喜欢。我也就把它收入是收纳盒内了。最近晨自行将这个活动包翻出,然后自己开始游戏~小孩们的转变也真的太快了,庆幸我没丢掉呀!这个是很容易制作的Busy Bag,和大家分享~

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