Monday, 6 October 2014

Toddler Busy Bags (1) : Felt Ice Cream Color Matching Games

This is an easy and fun color matching games which most of the toddlers will enjoy it! I brought it along to attend my friend wedding dinner and it help to keep my friends baby busy for awhile as well!

ღ material/材料 

What we can explore / 我们探索了什么 :
Color Matching 颜色配对
Fine Motor Skills 精细动作技能

Cut out the Popsicle shape and sewed the edges 把冰棒的形状剪出并把边缘给缝上

Very easy DIY busy bags with simple steps only 几个步骤即完成的自制冰棒~

A good pass time during travelling as well, and it actually help us to keep Chen busy during heavy jam! 刚去了吉隆坡,几次困在车龙里都给她玩这个颜色配对游戏,小人儿很enjoy!

Never forget to share with her good friend  从不忘了照顾她的好朋友!

I just keep everything inside and zip-top baggie for easy storage and transportation. This is an idea from foreign mummies which they always shared in pinterest, and i read from mummy Bear Lim also~ Thanks all for the ideas sharing! ^^

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