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BFL001 Waterproof Sleeveless EVA Baby Bibs 超实用无袖围嘴/围裙

Wo! Finally we managed to bring this back to our dear supporters! ^^

Well, we let our baby wearing this bib almost every day. It is a very good tools for mummy to prevent non-stop changing clothing activities as you know no matter what your little one's doing, they will definitely dirty up their clothing at the end~ This protective bib is very important, at least for full time mummy like me and Cath.

Well, let me share again Chen's photo but of course wearing on the product that i bought from BB fair before. It is same with the product that we bring in~

Our special guest for painting activity, we let QiQi to wear the bib to prevent her clothes from dirty.

Chen wearing long sleeve model to protect her clothing as well.

During sensory play, a suitable bib is a must~

Creative session with long sleeve baby bib.

And of course, during self feeding session, a waterproof Eva bibs is a great weapon for mummy!
At her age of 16M+

Waterproof Sleeveless EVA Baby Bibs
 made from transparent waterproof Eva material which is easily wiped clean
 prevent your children's clothes from dirty while they get creative
 ideal for self feeding training, sensory play, painting, or any messy play!
 handwash only~
 Size : 30cm x 38cm (length)

Comes in assorted designs, suitable for both boys and girls.

我们终于找到合适的围嘴来给比较大的宝宝了~这个设计的围嘴是晨从大概16M起就开始使用的。当初多数用在让她自行进食的训练上,后来慢慢延伸到涂鸦,Sensory Play,目前几乎每天都在使用,在防脏这一环,这款围嘴算是功能很好的,而且很好清理。我目前拥有2件,都在交替使用,都是以前在BB Fair购买的,这次给大家带来相同剪裁设计的系列,不要错过啦~因为真的很不错~ ^^

♥ 透明款防水设计,容易清理[若不是很脏,用布抹干净即可;我个人习惯直接用水清洗]
适合用于自行进食,涂鸦,sensory play,也可是小厨师的小围裙

Product Pictures/ 产品实拍

3 Designs Available : Lion, Tweety Bird, Zebra
三个款式可选择 :狮子,可爱小鸟,斑马

Zebra Design

Lion Design

Tweety Bird Design
Product Details / 产品细节 :

Flip pocket design to catch more mess~

Velcro fastener which is easy and fast to wear on

If you are interested on this, do email us : 若想订购可以通过电邮联络我们哦~


just fill in our order form here /你也可以点击这里提交订购单哦 :
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Product Code 产品编号: BFL001
Product Price :  RM15 [Promotion Price with limited unit! Original Price : RM16.90]
Courier Fee [Pos Laju, 70g] : WM RM7 ; EM RM10

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