Thursday, 16 October 2014

Montessori at Home (8) : Yellow Week ♥ 在家蒙特梭利 (8) : 认识黄色

Hmm...Actually we completed yellow week activities many weeks ago, ei, anyway, i will update it right now! :p

ღ Popsicle Color Matching Games ღ 冰棒颜色配对游戏

Preparation / 准备工作 : 

Material / 材料用具 :
Colorful Popsicle Stick 彩色冰棒
Any container with Yellow Cap 任何有黄色盖子的罐子
[Cut out a slot on the cap portion to insert the Popsicle  在盖子上切割出可以投下彩色冰棒的开口] 

What we explored today/ 我们今天探索了什么 :
Hand-Eye Coordination  手眼协调 
Color Matching 颜色配对
Yellow 认识黄色

X Brand Potato Chip Container, cut out a lot on the top of the container will do.

Instruction : Please insert the Popsicle which having same color with the cover into the bottle

I let her to continue with the rest after she completed the task given~

ღ Let's help mummy to clean the lemon! ღ 快来把柠檬洗干净!

Preparation / 准备工作 : 

Material / 材料用具 :
Lemon 柠檬
Water 水
I add in some ice cubes for her to play with~ 我也加入一些冰块让她玩

What we explored today/ 我们今天探索了什么 :
Yellow Lemon 柠檬是黄色的!
Well, this is just to let Chen know how mummy wash lemon [i demo for her during the process] and let her play with actual fruit~

Smell it!

ღ Paper Clips Color Matching Games ღ 回形针颜色配对游戏

Preparation / 准备工作 : 

Material / 材料用具 :
Colorful Paper Clips 彩色回形针
Yellow Popsicle stick [ and i glue on a magnet bar on it ] 黄色冰棒[我贴上了磁铁]

What we explored today/ 我们今天探索了什么 :
Color Matching 颜色配对
Yellow 认识黄色
Very simple matching game : stick the yellow paper clips to the yellow Popsicle~

As normal : Mummy, no photo please!

ღ Five Little Ducks Nursery Rhyme ღ 五只小鸭儿歌介绍


I'm not really good in singing this song, so i played this video to her. Play and sing along while playing the yellow ducks puppets that i made for her.

I downloaded the free printable puppets material from here.
Five little ducks went out one day
Over the hills and far away
Mama duck said, "Quack, quack, quack, quack,"
but only four little ducks came waddling back...

ღ  Creative Art ღ 创意时间

For color yellow, we have the usual yellow banana gluing activity and corn cob stamping activity.

Below are the free printable materials from Ibabiesclub~ 

** Something Special for the theme~
I prepared a yellow sensory bin for Chen, but she seems not interested with it~ She took out the lemon and kept telling me that she wanna cut the lemon. Huh?! Well, ok, the only thing i can do is just to grant your wish! :) I let her to try on cutting, squeezing, adding ice cubes, bottle shaking... and finally we have Ice Honey Lemon! And she insisted to serve to her uncle as well~ It was an unexpected good time together!

妈妈准备的 yellow sensory bin太乏味,结果晨只对柠檬有兴趣。不断重复说,要切柠檬~好吧,妈妈就让你尝试准备honey lemon 吧。成品出来后还坚持要自己端给二伯,其实当下我还有点担心会有要捡玻璃片的收场。幸好顺利完成啦,小人儿也很欣赏自己有份参与的饮料。我觉得,今后若是买柠檬还真的不可以常被她发现,否则我就要天天喝 honey lemon 咯~

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