Monday, 13 October 2014

♥ Montessori at Home/在家蒙特梭利 (7) : Basic Tracing Activites ♥

After reading from Mummy Bear Lim , found that i can try to introduce tracing activities to Chen already. Yeah, the activity looks fun and easy to prepare, i prepared a very simple worksheet with Animals theme (we just came back from Zoo Negara, she likes the panda very much!) for our very first trial on this~ Our little ones can improve their fine motor skills by doing tracing practice, hence it is one of the pre-writing activities in kindergarten as well.  

最近看到 Mummy Bear Lim 让Eva尝试了tracing activity, Eva很喜欢~我才晓得原来我可以让晨尝试这个游戏,要谢谢Bear一直无私的分享了。最近我们刚游过Zoo Negara,晨一直很喜欢动物,亲眼看到了熊猫后她就更爱熊猫。这是第一次尝试Tracing Activity,所以我就用了动物主题来制作了这次很简单的第一个worksheet。这个活动可以加强孩子们的精细动作技能,日后开始书写时就会事半功倍。

Insert the worksheet into a clear file so that it can be reused for N times. 把教材置入透明文件夹内让孩子在上面练习,那么就是可重复使用的环保教材了。

Before i bought the clear file, i'm using my own way to make it reusable as well. 一直没有购买到透明文件夹,只好自己DIY下~

Chen kept requesting for taking those animals sticker out~ She thought that is a sticker sheet! I have to keep explained to her that, you need to help those babies to get  their mums by linking up those dashed line. I demonstrated for one time and then passed the marker pen to let her "play" with it. Yeah, i really never expected she can link up those dashed line.


Initial trial 开始时的状况

Painting Time?!后来干脆乱画

Chen tried for few times and didn't manage to link the dashed lines up, well, this is under my expectation. But she started to cry after few trial, then i asked her why?  “Chen can draw circle only”,haha, this was what she answered me! Although she was crying but i still feel really funny that a 2 Years Old toddler would give such an answer~ I just told her, well baby, it is ok, mummy prepared this is just for fun, if you don't like it, we just stop the activity right now~ Anyway, she insisted on keep trying. And finally and unexpectedly, she managed to link up the dashed lines~ Wow, this is really out from my expectation!

2nd Line done, and i only realized that "she can do it" 直到第二条线画好我才察觉到那不是巧合~

Well, since she can complete it, it means that i have to prepare more for her. Do stay tune with us and we will share more materials with you all. Cheers!

既然晨已经可以控制自己的小胖手了,那么意味着妈妈必须再努力准备更多教材咯~我会继续在这篇Post里分享其他基本的Tracing Worksheet,再见咯~ ^^

* Updated on 23112014

Matching complete fruit/vegetables with its half worksheet
[Click here to get this worksheet]

To Be Continued

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