Monday, 6 October 2014

Toddler Busy Bags (2) : DIY Velcro Sticks

Another busy bag that i prepared recently for travelling purpose as well~

ღ material/材料 
Velcro 魔术贴

ღ Steps / 步骤 
Cut the Velcro into suitable shapes and paste on Popsicle will do 

A good tools for creative playing as well 创意培养的小游戏
Place same surface on the same side of Popsicle and each Popsicle will have one side for Velcro hooks and another side for Velcro loops. 将相同性质的魔术贴面贴在冰棒的同一面,冰棒的前后两面各自贴上魔术贴的圆毛面和刺毛面即可~ 

Another great busy bags that Chen do really enjoy! 这款游戏晨也很喜欢~

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