Monday, 27 October 2014

Let handprint art freezes the precious moment for you ♥ 手印画,把小手印留下~

I came across image below somewhere on web ( i do screenshot for it, so can't get the link back for you~ ), well, is an adorable frog! And i decided to make it together with Chen.

在做Home School 资料寻找时无意中发现了这只可爱的青蛙,现在其实正在进行着Green Week,可是我找到的合适项目其实很少,所以看到了这个马上加入了环节内。以下是我从网络截屏的可爱青蛙图案。

It is an easy project, but i got no talent in artwork XD , below is what we done together.
然后我和晨一起完成了以下的“小青蛙”图,感觉上我们做的和样本是有些许出入的。 :p 手印由晨盖上,之后我就替她贴上眼睛(因为用super glue,所以不让晨自己贴~)及画上嘴部。很可爱的小青蛙,不是吗?后来爸爸和二伯放工回来时,晨还很“自豪” 的将作品拿给他们欣赏,看来她真的十分喜欢~其实我也很喜欢,然后就跟晨说好找一天再做一幅爸爸青蛙+妈妈青蛙+晨晨小青蛙的图。

Hmmm, slightly different from artwork above~ But anyway, it is still nice! And i decided to make a family hand-print artwork to capture Chen's small hand-print at this moment.

She love this session very much!

What a precious memorial for us~ And the most important point is, it is easy! Are you going to make it too? :)  Do enjoy the moment!

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