Monday, 9 November 2015

Alphabet Wheel And Number Wheel from Ibabiesclub 爱宝贝数字轮盘及字母轮盘

BAS015 Felt Alphabets Learning Set  Freebie Collections
BAS015 学前触感字母套装 赠品系列
配合BAS015 学前触感字母套装 推出,爱宝贝也继续应用了这套字母卡内的设计进而准备了其他教材。那么孩子们能在有连贯性的情况下轻松快乐的学习ABC~这些教材会陆续推出,我们会免费供应这些教材(softcopy PDF免费打印文件)来给所有购买了学前触感字母套装的爸妈们。当然,也没忘记我们的读者,如果设计上应许的话我们也会提供一些基本的免费打印教材给大家下载。


For parents who purchased our BAS015 Felt Alphabets Learning Set  already, Ibabiesclub will prepare series of related learning materials to you for FREE~ We will upload the file from time to time and it will be in PDF format, parents can easily download and print out. And of course we never forget our readers as well, we will try to provide similar free printable material for all at the same time. Here with today's special : Alphabet Wheel & Number Wheel.

Normally we are using number/alphabet pegs when having Number/Alphabet Wheel Games. You may either DIY or purchase from stationery shops nearby.

You can either play Words Matching Game or Uppercase Letter and Lowercase Letter Matching Game with this. Free for all our reader :)

Lowercase Letter Design : Free for all our reader :)小写款:这是免费提供给读者打印的。

Demonstrated by Yee.

Hmm, i'm so happy to play with this!

Special Design : Freebie for Felt Alphabet Learning Set,Matching Beginning Letter to Pictures
特别款:学前触感字母套装 赠品系列,图案及Beginning Letter配对

We created Chinese Learning Wheel Series as well. Parent need to prepare pegs with Chinese Numbering Words(as picture below) for this game. Free for reader.

Special Number Wheel Design : Freebie for Felt Alphabet Learning Set,Matching with either numbering pegs or Chinese Number Pegs as in picture.

We will still have MORE special learning materials for our Felt Alphabet Learning Set, do contact us if you are interested. And for parents who purchased already, we will email all the freebies to you through FB inbox or email. :)

接下来我们会陆续推出更多有关学前触感字母套装的赠品。有兴趣的爸妈们可以联络我们。已经购买的爸妈们,所有赠送文件将发到你们的电邮或FB Inbox.

** All Rights Reserved | NOT for Re-Sale | Files are for personal use ONLY | Please share the link to the blog and NOT the files, thank you! And for others resources that we get from others, we already linked it to the original post~ thanks all for sharing!

教材里面有些图片是取自网络,所以我们的打印教材只供个人用途,不能够转售或作商业用途~欢迎分享我们的教材,但是记得是连接到我们的部落格或面书,而非直接连接至教材哦~谢谢当中我们也提到了一些很好的资源,我们已经在文内直接连接至资源本文啦!也谢谢大家的分享! ^^

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