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BAS015 Felt Alphabets Learning Set 学前触感字母套装

If you bought our Felt Number Card Set already, i think you may know the benefits for it and looking forward for a similar tool for alphabet learning maybe. Our initial plan was making an alphabet felt card, but we started from Number Card as it is easier for production. After succeed on Felt Number Card Set, we started to design Felt Alphabets Set which will included both Uppercase Letters and Lowercase Letters. Unfortunately, we encountered a lot of problems and finally overcame it after struggled for very long time. Yes, here we launch BAS015 Felt Alphabets Learning Set now~

Front : Tracing Card
 Back : Flash Card & Activity Card


This is a multi functions product which not only help toddlers to recognise and memorise alphabets, but also including flash card function and activity card as well!

Let's check the details here:

Card dimension : 10cm x 14cm
52cards including both Uppercase and Lowercase letters
Multi Functions: Finger tracing cards, flash cards, activity cards

Why we use finger tracing method to introduce alphabets?

Learning should always in a fun way, especially for toddlers. We never tried to teach our children to hold pen in the way a school child does, with 3 fingers on the pencil. Each stage of holding a pencil or crayon is dependent on how “steady” the shoulder and arm muscles are. They might not ready for it during this early stage. Anyway, we still can expose our toddlers to number and alphabets through different activities including finger tracing practise.  This Felt Alphabets Card Learning Set allow the child to understand writing before they can hold a pencil. The Child uses three of the five senses; tactile, auditory, and sight to learn the sound and formation of each letter. Child traces on the letter to gain a muscular memory of the shape of the letters as a prelude to writing.
Flash Cards
Flash Cards added on the back of Uppercase Letter.

And of course, we always have "more" or always try to "have more" on our products(and this is one of the reason we studied and do improvement for very long time before launching). We add in Flash Cards function inside this product as well. Toddlers may learn basic words for each letters at the same time.
And of course, we make it in colorful design to attract our little ones.
Activity Cards
We add in beginning letters game at the back of the lowercase letter tracing cards. We can learn and do revision through the same set of products!
Can use pegs for this activity to enhance finger strength.

卡片尺寸  : 10cm x 14cm
26张大写字母 触感学习卡 + 26张小写字母触感学习卡
结合功能:闪卡(Flash Card) ; 游戏卡
为什么我们利用Finger Tracing 来介绍字母

长久坚持下来其实也是一个习惯。目前孩子看到一些比较大的字型都会伸出小手指来做Finger Tracing。有时她记不起那是什么数字/字母,然后她会用Finger Tracing,很多时候她就想起来了。这个是之前长期使用不织布数字卡下累计产生的效果,我也是在看到孩子这样做后才发现。



另外,根据闪卡的图案,我们也设计了Beginning Letter游戏。可以让小朋友们用夹子进行答案选择,同时就训练到小手肌肉,一举两得~


And of course, if you are busy enough with your daily jobs, you may looking forward for more tools to get your kids familiar with alphabets. You may refer to resources[will update from time to time] below for more information:

1. Alphabet Learning Weeks (with free printables link)
2. Wooden Blocks Alphabet Puzzle 益智木块字母拼图活动包

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