Tuesday, 24 November 2015

[Tot School] Christmas Special ⛄ 圣诞特辑

We shared most of the activities on Ibabiesclub's FB before Christmas, and here is the summary for all~

String Arts & Christmas Card⛄

Material for String Art

Material for String Art, what Mummy done during school times, and now is daughter's turn!

Done and proceed to next step, Christmas cards making!

Scissor Skill & Gluing Skill Practice

Christmas Balls Themed Greeting Cards

Make it into Christmas ornaments

My girl's favorite card

Magnetic Bells Game

Inspired by Mommy Serene Phoon

Material List : Bells, magnet stick, and a plastic container (transparent).

Jingle Bells, Jingle Bells, do you want to follow me? This is the magic spell that she said when she had the magic play~
Jingle Bells, Jingle Bells, do you want to follow me?一面念咒语一面施法术让铃铛跟我们走~前一晚其实已经玩了一次,但是是妈妈魔术表演时间。我把磁铁放在手心让铃铛跟着我手掌动。自以为很神气,结果晨问,妈妈你手里藏什么? =.=

Magnetic Science Experiment
Sorting : Magnetic & Non Magnetic Items

Our material list: wooden craft sticks, pom pom balls, pipe cleaners, rubber bands, mini stones, straws & bells.

Also provided and magnetic stick for little girl,and she used it to determined which group the item should go for~

And lastly, you can let your little one to prepare her magnetic play sensory bottle. Put in both magnetic and non magnetic items inside the bottle and seal it. And your magnetic sensory bottle is ready.
把磁性及非磁性的物品置入透明容器内,把容器开口封起。配合一根磁铁棒,那么就是一个简单的sensory bottle咯~

Christmas Handprint⛄

Previously event I try many time play with Yee but always unsuccessful. This is the 1st time I'm trying to let Yee play it himself. Finally he love it much. I saw him so happy and sweet once he saw his handprint become a real picture. If you like can try it, some more can share in our facebook.


Christmas Snow Man⛄

Simple Snow Man Material - 简单雪人制作材料

A4 Paper cut to half and stick on the toile roll to become Snow Man skin.

Put all the extra paper into toilet roll's hole. 

Yee himself put the ball into the hole to make more colorful look.

holala.... completed.

It's look simple, easy and nice to play. If you like it can be try and share in our facebook.

⛄Christmas Lego Puzzle

Saw this in Pinterest, it is so attractive(with lovely Santa Claus, Ginger Breadman & etc) downloaded the file immediately and prepared it at night!

Free Printable from here : Lego Puzzle

Print out the free printable and cut it 4pcs ( you need 4 blocks for each picture). And i laminated the picture as i can transform it into file folder games afterward.
打印出来后就可以切割并贴在Lego(Duplo)上面了。每个图案需要四个Duplo Blocks。过后我打算将它转换成File Folder Games,所以在切割前有先过胶。 

Christmas Snow Man 2⛄

Dough Material prepare:
1 Cup Flour
1 Cup Salt
1 Cup Warm Water

Color I using water coloring.

Mix together as well. then can start to play hand print or do some Christmas decoration items.
I got dry on the room temperature for 1 day then only send to bake.
Bake for 100 degree C, with 4 hours.

Yee so enjoying play with the dough. He can play for 1.5 hour on the dough. This is the longer time focusing play in 1 things.

Yee's Hand Print 

Shynn's Foot Print.

My First Snow Man

Done for the baking and coloring my snow man.

Christmas Countdown⛄

You may follow the below link to download and count down until Christmas eve.
christmas count (PDF)

Christmas learning "Tree"⛄
Free Printable download learning Tree

Christmas Tree Decoration⛄

Create their Christmas tree decoration and make their own imagination.

Beads you may refer in below link.

Free Printable Christmas tree decoration download

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