Wednesday, 18 November 2015

[Number Exploring] Petals Numbering Game (with free printable material)

Learning should be always fun, and here we created another petals number matching game for our little ones.

P is for Petals

Let little girl to continue exploring with Chinese Numbering Words

How To Play:
> Draw a card

 > Matching petals in correct quantity with the number card that we get


Little girl requested to try with those round cards in green (Numbering in Bahasa Malaysia).

How To Play:
> Draw a card
> Of course she don't know what is the number that she get. No worry, just try to get the clue from the Number Card.

 > Get the answer from the Number Card.
> Mission Completed~

And this is free printable from Ibabiesclub to all our readers, you may download from here.

For parents who already purchase BAS017 Wheel Numbering Matching Game, you may get the Number Cards and Function Round Cards (in different languages) from the package. If you didn't, no worry, just cut of round card with diameter 6.5cm will do. As for the petals part, it may be any on hand small parts (pom pom balls, dot sticker, button & etc)

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