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BAS016 Beginning Letter Matching Game

Before starting our Alphabet Weeks, i prepared some basic activities such as: do-a-dot worksheets, gluing practise sheet from Mummy Bear Lim, pattern blocks puzzle sheet, lego puzzle sheets, felt alphabet learning set (from Ibabiesclub) and this Beginning Letter Matching Game also for our letter weeks! I'm not a well-planning mummy and always had my preparation job done on the night before tot school, so i need to prepare all of those basic activities in advance before starting our Alphabet Weeks. Ok, let's look what is inside our Beginning Letter Matching Game now.
Beginning Letter Matching Game
Product Contents:
1pcs product introduction card
26 Alphabet Buttons {Diameter 1.5cm}
26pcs Activity Cards {Dimension 9cm x 12cm}
Packing Material
[as in picture below]

Product Content

Lovely Alphabet Buttons
How to Play:
Match a letter with a picture that starts with that letter.
[all the picture are same as our felt alphabet learning set, so this is another activity set which can help children to gain memory on ABC]

C is for Cat

Matching activities are a great first activity to try with your toddler or preschooler who loves to match. This simple beginning letter matching game may help toddlers to learn and recognise letter in a fun way.

And, below is freebie for BAS016 Beginning Letter Matching Game:)
We will provide Now I Know My ABC's poster(in A4 size) in softcopy. This is another useful tool when introducing alphabet as my girl will sing ABC song whenever she saw this poster! :) See, learning can be really fun and relax! :)

以下是免费提供给购买这套BAS016 Beginning Letter Matching Game打印的字母海报(尺寸为A4)。我们提供的是PDF file哦,需要自行打印过胶。将这张海报贴在家里的学习角落,孩子们走过就会看到,加强印象~我已将这张海报贴在我们的学习角落,孩子常看到就开始唱字母歌(然后手指会根据字母指向图片)。唱完后接着她会开始A is for Apple, B is for Bee...这样念。学习可以是那么轻松快乐!:)


我知道自己不是一个有很好规划的妈妈,常常很多活动都是最后一分钟才匆忙准备好。所以在开始字母周时我预先准备了一堆基本教材,像Do-a-Dot, Pattern Blocks 字母拼图,学前触感字母卡,及现在要介绍的Beginning Letter Matching Game。手上有了一堆教材,忙碌时来不及准备也可以搬出这些来和孩子进行简单的字母活动。


26颗字母纽扣 {直径1.5cm}
26张游戏卡 {尺寸:9cm x 12cm}

就让孩子直接把正确的Beginning Letter纽扣放在正确的图案上即可。


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