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BAS017 Wheel Numbering Matching Game 学前数字车轮学习套装

We always try to expose our children with learning/education toys in different approach when we introduced certain items to them. BAS017 Wheel Numbering Matching Game is just another great tool for us to introduce Number in different languages (English, Chinese and Malay). And of course if your toddlers is still too young for word recognization, you may starting from dots counting card with is included in the package as well. Or still even younger?! Well, just provide them the felt car to play around! It is just another attractive toy for children~

Product Details:

Felt Car [ Dimension : 17cm x 23cm ]
Felt Background [ Dimension : 20cm x 28cm ]
Numbering Cards [ 0 - 10 ], total 11pcs [ Dimension : 10cm x 20cm ]
Function Round Cards [ Diameter 6.5cm, each set with 11pcs, total 5 sets as below ] :
    * Round Cards in Numbering
    * Round Cards for Dots Counting
    * Round Cards for Number in English
    * Round Cards for Number in Chinese
    * Round Cards for Number in Malay
Wooden Card Holder

不织布车子[ 尺寸 : 17cm x 23cm ]
不织布背景图 [ 尺寸 : 20cm x 28cm ]
数字卡 [ 0 - 10 ], 共11张 [ 尺寸 : 10cm x 20cm ]
功能圆卡 [ 直径6.5cm, 每套各11张, 共5套不同功能的圆卡 ] :
    * 数字圆卡
    * 点数圆卡
    * 中文数字圆卡
    * 英文数字圆卡
    * 国文数字圆卡

Number Card & Function Round Cards. Function Round Cards are varied by colors, users can easily identify the correct set which they need.

Number Cards which parent/children can use it as reference when playing the matching game.

We add in wooden card holder inside the package, matching activity can be done in easier way(more convenience).

Today we are learning number in Malay! Parent put number 7 on the front wheel, and children do the matching by their own. For me, i told my girl that, oh no! we need to fix the wheels for it so that this car can keep moving. And my girl will immediately search for the correct answer to "fix" the car! And solved the problem, she will take up the felt car and make it move around.

You can also add in background for the game. The matching can be in any combination : Number + Dots, Number + Malay, Malay + English, Dots + Chinese. Just depend on what you are going to introduce to your children.

Of course, you can use it for other activities as it has different function cards which can use with other toys
[refer to attached link for details]

Counting in progress

Starting from counting card and gradually to words recognition in different langueges, this is suitable for parent to introduce Number to toddlers for sure! Click on order form below to place your order now! :)


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